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Now’s the time to earn your High School Diploma!

This FREE class prepares you to pass the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC), which used to be called the GED.

Having a High School Diploma provides benefits such as:

  1. Better Job Opportunities – One of the benefits of having your high school diploma is that you will be able to get better job opportunities. Instead of always being passed by for the good jobs, you’ll have the opportunity to get jobs that are more interesting. 
  2. Pride – Of course having your diploma will also make you feel proud. It is quite an accomplishment and you can give yourself a pat on the back knowing you worked hard to earn it!
  3. Allows you to go on to college – Another benefit of having your high school diploma is that having it will allow you to go on to college. Having a college education opens doors to even more career opportunities. So, if college is in the plans for you, then earning your high school diploma is essential!
  4. Higher Wages – Along with better job opportunities, a high school diploma can help you to earn a higher income. People who do not have diplomas usually make less money.  If you want to make more money at your job, having a diploma is going to be very important. 


Our TASC prep class meets at the Ivan Shapiro House (459 W 46th, New York, NY 10036) located in Midtown Manhattan.

What We Provide

Experienced teachers provide instruction in all five subjects of the TASC Test:

  • Reading
    • Understanding the information presented in excerpts from newspapers, magazines, novels, short stories, poetry, drama, and business or legal text passages; includes both literary and informational texts
  • Writing
    • Identifying errors and making corrections in sentence structure, usage, mechanics, and organization
    • Writing a text-based essay
  • Mathematics
    • Computing quantity, algebra, functions, geometry, statistics, and probability
    • Working with word problems that involve real-life situations and interpreting information presented in diagrams, charts, graphs and tables
    • Familiarization with the page of mathematic formulas provided to test-takers during the test
  • Science
    • Exploring Physical Science, Life Science, Earth Science, and Space Science
    • Breaking down each discipline into several core ideas, each containing multiple performance expectations addressed in the test
    • Applying knowledge recall, application and reasoning to the test areas
  • Social Studies
    • Overviewing the major subjects of history, economics, geography, civics, and government
    • Gauging understanding of the basic principles for each of these areas

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