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The History of Chinese Art
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The History of Chinese Art

Join our free online event and learn about traditional Chinese culture! The featured topic of our next Chinese Corner will be "The History of Chinese Art." 

Hosted by the Together One New York Chinese Language Department, Chinese Corner takes place on Saturdays at 11am (Eastern Time US). 

Topics vary week to week; so log in often and learn something new! Time will be allotted in each session for Q&A.

This fun and casual event also offers enthusiasts of the Chinese language a chance to practice their conversation skills!

Following the Q&A, attendees are welcome to participate in an optional half-hour conversation session where language learners can converse with native Chinese speakers.

Attendees are encouraged to log in a few minutes early.  If prompted after login, enter password: Culture5  (Meeting ID: 757 3194 7908)


Click here for Chinese Corner

Meeting ID: 757 3194 7908
Passcode: Culture5


A look back at previous Chinese Corners:

The featured presentation on July 25th was "Solar Terms."

Participants learned about this unique concept which originated in China.

The featured presentation on July 18th was "Traditional holidays and celebrations."

Participants learned about the legend behind 中秋節 (Mid-Autumn Festival); 

as well as other significant holidays such as 元宵节 (Lantern Festival). 

The next presentation of this weekly series will begin at 11am on Saturday, August 1, 2020 (Eastern Time US).



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